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We will miss you, Dick Clark … Rest in Peace

April 19, 2012

My fondest memories of Dick Clark as a child were ringing in the New Year with him at my grandparents’ house. He represented everything wonderful — being allowed to stay up past my bedtime to watch the ball drop, watching my favorite performers say goodbye to one year and welcome the next through song, wearing sparkly New Year’s Eve headbands and being allowed to make lots of noise (this was my favorite part) in the middle of the night practically by banging pots and pans and twirling around sparkly bright-colored noisemakers. I always felt I had something to look forward to after every Christmas present had been opened — and Dick Clark was a huge part of that. I had the honor to speak about him yesterday on Headline News (HLN) as well as Fox News Channel, and discuss the impact he had on America and the legacy he will leave behind.

May you rest in peace, Dick Clark. 

(Fox News Channel, “Your World With Neil Cavuto” Dress: Donna Ricco)

(prepping in studio before the segment – photos courtesy of my intern)

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