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February 1, 2017

Nick has fun wherever he goes- even the hospital. Momma slept IN his crib last night with him, cartoons 24/7, and now a wagon ride with his stuffed dog. What could be better? Baby boy is on the mend and we are hoping to blow this popsicle stand later this evening. Being a parent is scary and exhausting especially when your child is sick (what day is it again? And when did I last shower?) but The hardest part about being a mom is the fine line between overreacting and being vigilant. I want to share our story as a reminder to always trust your gut and that it's better to be safe than sorry. After a couple days of a runny nose (big deal), fevers (not exactly cause for alarm in kids) and an RSV diagnosis by the pediatrician (ok, at that point I was scared), I decided at 1am Tues morn we were going to the hospital because I didn't like the way he was breathing. Doubting myself and afraid I was being an alarmist I was thinking they would do a few tests and turn us away. Turns out my Mom instincts were dead on- he needed to be there – and if we waited longer the consequences could have been much more dire. Two hospitals and 31 hours later he is feeling so great, we are dead tired and I'm ready to change out of my husband's spare t-shirt. We are lucky and we are fortunate and we learned a lot from this experience. This virus (along with the common Cold – double whammy) attacked his little body so quickly and aggressively and we are just grateful for the excellent medical attention we received and how well Nick responded. Not so grateful for the armpit sized room we stayed in – but not everything in life can be glamorous. Just glad our boy is OK – nothing else matters. Mad props to the many moms I know who have spent much more time than we did in the hospital in a much scarier situation – especially my sister @jsimpson0812 . ️️#babyboy #parenting #lifelessons #boymom #intuition #followyourgut #momlife

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