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February 2, 2017

Me and my little masked friend. Today was definitely Groundhog Day just like the movie waking up everyyyy morning and doing the sameeeee thing. Except our wake up time was 2am and we were out the door and back at the hospital by 3 – the same one we left yesterday evening. Poor little Nick…but we have to get his lungs to cooperate. Luckily a full day here has whipped him back into shape and we are hoping we can leave tomorrow – for real this time. The hardest thing about our visit part deux is seeing the sheer panic and terror in his face every time someone comes near him. He has not let me put him down since we arrived with the exception of one nap, and while I know he won't remember this experience, it's so hard to see our usually friendly boy so scared of people and his surroundings. We can't blame him though – he has been through a lot and so have we! Screw you, RSV!!!!! #momlife #babyboy

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