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Hungry Hungry Hippo … I mean Girl

March 27, 2012

I have had the appetite of a big burly man three times my size since I was basically born.

In high school, at Gwynedd Mercy Academy in suburban Philly, I used to down nachos drenched in Cheese Whiz, greasy burgers and ice cream sandwiches at lunch. The words “carrot” or “spinach” weren’t in my vocabulary back then yet I was as

thin as Olive Oly – the chick with the spinach-loving boyfriend, Popeye.

Now that I’m 30 (shhh don’t tell anyone) my body doesn’t operate the same way. It thinks it should ready itself to carry a baby and birth that baby and while I’ve been trying to tell it we have a few years, it won’t listen.

So now I see a trainer…just to keep my muscles strong and my fat storage centers as small possible…and my trainer’s cute so added incentive! I’ve been hitting the gym more than usual but I’ve found that unless I find low-cal alternatives to my fave dishes, my body is not changing for the better one bit.

“Hungry Girl” to the rescue! No …. Not me although I’ve already established the fact that I’m always hungry…. “Hungry Girl” is Lisa Lillien, founder of and an absolute GOD send! She doesn’t believe in small portions…she believes in normal-size portions but substituting things that are low-cal and low-fat for their unhealthy counterparts so that you are still full at the end of the meal,like using Fiber One cereal to create a breadcrumb mix to be used on chicken or fish or anything! GENIUS! GENIUS!

Some of my fave recipes:

Low-cal mac and cheese incorporating cauliflower!

Source: via Dorothy on Pinterest

Low-cal lasagna using eggplant slices in addition to lasagna noodles!

Source: via Dorothy on Pinterest

This is life-changing for me! Let me know what you think!

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