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Happy Hump Day Guest Blogger – Lacie Powell!

March 28, 2012

Spring is almost here and that means two things — Spring Shopping! (smiley face) and Spring cleaning (sad face). If you live in a rabbit-hole sized- apartment like I do (doesn’t everyone in New York City?), you are very familiar with the idea of storing away whichever seasonal wardrobe you are not using at the moment. For example, my Victoria’s Secret bikinis and Havianas spent their Christmas jammed together under my bed while my sweaters and boots luxuriated that day in my walk-in closet. Then once the weather gets warmer, you have to banish the scarfs and wool socks to the summer wardrobe’s home under the bed and introduce the floral dresses to hangers. It’s a process – and a confusing one at that!

In trying to map out my plan for shopping for a few key spring pieces and also going through my overstuffed closet (see picture …. sigh) and trying to get rid of those things to make way for new pieces, I realized I needed some guidance. 



Enter Lacie Powell, our guest blogger on this happy hump day. Lacie Powell of POSH by Lacie Powell offers fashion, event and home styling services — and these 10 Commandments below for shopping! They also apply to the difficult task of deciding which items you MUST no longer live with. Parting is such sweet sorrow, isn’t it???

Here’s what Lacie had to say:

“Confidence is an outfit you put on every day and if you don’t have that, NOTHING looks good. So from now on, it’s all about the pieces I LOVE LOVE LOVE and can’t live without, even if that means I only have five outfits left at the end of it all. Because let’s face it, the stuff you LOVE LOVE LOVE and can’t live without makes you feel like a rockstar when you wear it and feeling like a rockstar equals mega confidence. In light of that and the massive overhaul of my closet, I am also completely shifting my shopping habits. “

                                 THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF SHOPPING

 1. Thou shalt not buy anything whilst in the midst of an emotional crisis.
 I know, you’re thinking, “But Lacie, that’s the best time to shop.” Okay then, shop but don’t buy.  Trust me, nothing good can come of it.  You’ll either max out your visa or come home with fringed leather pants, or worse—both.

2. Thou shalt not buy anything on the premise that if you lose thirty pounds it will, “Look amazing!”
 Yes, we all have goals but if it doesn’t fit now, you won’t wear it and that’s a waste of money. Buy what fits and if you happen to reach your supermodel weight, have said garment taken in or turned into a lovely couch doily. 

3. Thou shalt not shop alone. 
Until you master all Ten Commandments, you can’t be trusted to operate solo.  Pick a DD (Designated Dresser), preferably a stylish and firm friend who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth and will make themselves useful swapping sizes and zipping you up.

4. Thou shalt not take advice from salespeople with a hidden agenda.  
Nothing annoys me more than shopping with people who work on commission. While there are genuinely great sales peeps out there, you cannot tell me with a straight face that, “Yes, that horizontally striped micro-mini actually hides rather than calls attention to my butt and thighs.”

5. Thou shalt not shop without a goal. 
Sometimes a leisurely Saturday shopping trip with Starbucks and your bestie is just the ticket but even then, have a goal.  If you’re a good girl, you’ll have your inspiration board overflowing with looks you want to try so have a plan of attack, even if there is just a single item on your list.

6. Thou shalt not buy anything that isn’t of good quality. Notice I didn’t say inexpensive.  A good deal is great.  A dress you can see through is not.

7.Thou shalt not buy anything that doesn’t fit properly and can’t/won’t get altered. Alterations, alterations, alterations.  Trust me—it is WORTH it.  It is rare that you’ll find/buy something and be able to wear it off the rack. Find a tailor you love and visit them so much you can ask about their grandchildren by name. 

8. Thou shalt not buy something just because it’s a screaming deal.  
I love a screaming deal as much as the next person but if you don’t love it enough to have bought it when it was full price, put it back and walk away. It just means more money for something you really love.

 9.Thou shalt not go into debt for “must-have” items.  “Must-haves” really mean a house, food, water. We all have our limits.  Don’t live outside your means.  You may end up miserable and alone and sitting on the sidewalk crying into your Pradas. 

10.  Thou shalt not buy anything you are not in love with and can’t live without. 
This is the last and most important commandment. It is better to have ten things that you LOVE LOVE LOVE than fifty that you don’t.  When you really love something, it will likely be because the stars have aligned, the retail gods have smiled on you and you have followed all the commandments to a T. 

About our guest blogger: Lacie Powell of POSH by Lacie Powell is an expert on all things style. Lifestyle that is! Lacie’s passion is providing one-of-a-kind inspiration tailored to life’s most intimate and creative moments.  Join her as she explores everything from fashion to foyers to fanciful fêtes. 


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