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Nothing Wrong With Snowy Sunday Pampering

March 1, 2015


This is what you call Sunday afternoon perfection thanks to my fabulous Mother-in-law.

Close to 7 or 8  years ago, a publicist friend was kind enough to give me a $500 gift certificate — can we say JOB PERK?!! — to Cornelia Spa, which was originally located on Fifth Avenue. I got the most unbelievable facial there — so unbelievable that my GUY friends mentioned how much I was glowing later that night when I was out for a friend’s birthday. If guys -straight guys- are noticing your complexion, you know you got a DAMN GOOD FACIAL.

So I’ve been dreaming of that facial since then, did some research and learned that Cornelia Spa had a new location in the chic Surrey Hotel, a Relais Chateaux Property. So I added a Cornelia Spa 60-minute Signature Facial to my Christmas list, and my Mother-in-law played Santa!

Relais Chateaux is the mark of excellence, so I knew this place was going to be GORGEOUS. Let’s just say I was more than correct. While the snow fell outside, I was warm and relaxed inside. From beginning to end, the experience was pure tranquility and bliss. A few days later, my skin is still luminous, and my make-up even looks a bit different…my foundation for example looks more airbrushed than before.

As Arnold once said: “I’ll be back.”



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