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April showers…

April 10, 2012

Source: via Dorothy on Pinterest

I could use a few April Showers to get rid of all the pollen irritating my lungs and I’m sure there are a few allergy sufferers out there who would agree with me! But I’m not here today to debate the benefits of Claritin vs. Allegra – I would much rather talk trenches! Not trenches like warzone but trenches like trenchcoats. They are the perfect Spring/Summer/ Fall jacket especially when April brings April showers, and while the classic silhouette used to be a classic khaki color, they’re brighter and bolder than ever thrse days!

These are all affordable (UNDER $100!) and I must say my faves are: watermelon-hued from Wilson Leather, tangerine from Anthropologie and blue (PER USUAL) from the Gap! Full list here!

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