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An unexpected Easter guest….

April 9, 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and Passover! My family’s Easter was full of Easter Egg hunts with my niece and nephew, egg-dying (and lots of bright colored dye clean-up) and delicious Frittata, a Cascerceri family tradition involving over 30 eggs and several various dried traditional Italian meats.

One thing a bit different this year was the fact that our Easter had an unxpected visitor – our adorable neighbor’s dog, Dukey, who is normally white but arrived BLUE (LIKE THIS BLOG!!!) for the holiday. Dukey is more than just our neighbor’s dog though – he was our dog’s partner in crime and best friend before our sweet little DJ died two years ago from lymphoma. Dukey always used to show up on our deck looking for his friend and the two would spend their afternoons out back chasing birds and sometimes even a fox or two. They thought they were tough when they were together. Every time I visit my family’s house I wish DJ was still there with us. This Easter, as Dukey ran around our kitchen and begged for scraps, it felt like he was … 

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