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July 25, 2012

What a difference it is being in the South! As a New Yorker (am I officially a New Yorker yet?), there is such a huge attitude difference with Southerners. I traveled down to good ol’ Richmond, VA to share my celebrity must-haves (under $70!!! Added bonus!) with viewers of WTVR CBS, and the segment was a lot of fun!

Not so much fun was my 8-hour (YES 8 HOUR) trip back to NYC. Thankfully the good-hearted Virginia folk made it a tad better. I decided on this trip to take a train because every flight to VA I could find had a layover somewhere and given my experience last week stranded in Newark Airport fo 13 hours, I was still not recovered from my traumatic airline experience.

Add traumatic train experience to the list now.

I was originally scheduled on an 11am Amtrak train to New York that would get me in around 5pm – sounds like a long time on the train, I know, but when you are a freelance writer like me with piles of assignments and deadlines, you can put those hours to good use. Train was delayed over 2 hours and then delayed even further en route up the East Coast. God bless the Southern Gentleman who introduced himself as the station manager, who also upgraded me to business class (FREE WATER AND SODA WOOT WOOT) and also refunded part of my ticket. He did everything with a smile — probably because he felt bad for me after I told him about my airline experience the week before.

When the train pulled into the station and I was ready to go, he handed me his business card (middle-aged perv? GUESS AGAIN!) and told me next time I am traveling to shoot him an email beforehand so he doesn’t come to work that day. Apparently he thought I was a jinx – in which case I am learning I might be!

Now if only he could have been on the train with me to repair the WIFI connection that stopped working only an hour into my trip. SO MUCH FOR GETTING WORK DONE!


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