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February 7, 2017

I'm raising this glass tonight to all the warrior Moms I know and the ones I don't know. I've been in a very challenging industry since I graduated college…Being on TV requires every single part of you, total focus, 24/7 drive, determination even in light of rejection, you have to be able to think on your feet because when you go live in front of millions of viewers and you're asked a question you don't know the answer to, you have to come up with something …. but when that red light goes off and you hear "that's a wrap", you can relax, take your make-up off, heels off, etc. You can go back to being yourself and relax your face which hurts from smiling. Sometimes being a Mom you just can't. You have to perform nonstop often for days at a time, in the middle of the night, especially when your child is sick and in the hospital, which was my case this last week. And you have to do it with a smile and stay strong because if you don't, your child gets scared and more upset. So you can't react, you can't cry. You can cry later but there sometimes never seems to be a "later" because you are using that time to shower for the first time in 4 days, to sleep, to try to recover from your own really bad cold while nursing your baby back to health, to return texts from the amazing friends and family who were so supportive. When you get home, it's still not time to relax because you have follow up care and you stay awake all night making sure your baby is breathing. Well now, tonight, the camera is finally not rolling and I can finally have a minute to myself with a friend. Except in this case, I'm getting out of sweatpants and into heels instead of the other way around when I used to spend all day in the studio or early mornings at The Wendy Williams Show or Today Show. Now I'm putting the lipstick ON just to feel like myself for a few hours. Can't wait to eat a meal..sitting down….uninterrupted. But can't wait to go back home and check on my baby who I know is in good hands with Dad and Grandma. #momlife #baby #babyboy #mommabear #motherhood #mother

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