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February 4, 2017

Nick's secret to making the best out of a hospital stay?: Cheeseburger song and dance while eating a cheeseburger. We had a great day today with all his levels looking awesome – even during his nap when they usually decrease. Nick and oxygen are BFFs again! We are hoping for an easy and surprise-free night so we can get our boy home tomorrow. Staying in the hospital is challenging for anyone but as a Mom there are different challenges like keeping a very active curious toddler contained in a small room 24/7. Nick loves to share but sharing RSV with the rest of the kids is a not the kind of sharing we want so we're in isolation and he's sick of being in this damn room. There are only so many puzzles to do, versions of Llama Llama to read (or as Nick calls it .. Yama) and episodes of Elmo's World to watch (La la la, la la la – and did they have to name the fish Dorothy? I mean come on). Today was my first day solo at the hospital, and while I think we are all growing from this experience, a few things overnight made it exceptionally hard emotionally and the day wasn't so easy either. So I started thinking how the hell am I doing this? And on no sleep ? And because his biggest issues happen when he's sleeping I can't even sleep when he sleeps because I'm standing over his crib the whole time stalking him. I realized that Aside from my labor and delivery – correction: long ass labor and delivery – of Nick at NYU Langone, this was my first time in a hospital as a Mom, and the experience has shown me that I have some kind of hidden strength I never knew existed. Or maybe it didn't actually exist – until I became a mom? I know something else that didn't exist before I became a mom … especially A mom setting up shop at a hospital….these black circles under my eyes. They are so black I think I have capillary damage or something. Any and all eye cream reccos welcome!! Here's hoping to a good night for Nicholas! #momlife #babyboy #boymom

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