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January 27, 2017

#FridayFlashback to rehearsals for the premiere of season 2 of my weekly TV talk show, Celebrity Corner. That season aired in 8 million homes. When I was in the thick of it managing a team of more than a dozen people, working with set designers and my wardrobe stylists, covering red carpets and booking celebrity guests, executive producing, submitting editing notes for packages, working with sponsors and brands to integrate their messages and products into the show, working with hair and makeup, overseeing a live audience each week arranged by our audience coordinator, overseeing social media promotion, planning premiere parties in Philly and NYC, promoting the show on national and local entertainment shows, writing intros and outros, picking graphics and the other 364748483 things I did 24/7, it was hard to get a moment to breathe and really appreciate the experience…the dream that came true. Growing up, I used to sit on the floor of my first house on Fisher Road in Jenkintown, PA in front of the huge record player/radio/cassette player and pretend I had my own radio show. I would use different voices to create "guests" and "callers" and I would record it all and then play it back to see how the "show" sounded, so to have my own Tv show and 2 seasons of a TV show is now -3 years later – something I will always be so so proud of. Hard work and determination paid off and the people who helped me along the way played a major role in my own success too. The person in front of the camera looks good or bad depending on her support behind the scenes and they made me look my best. It's so easy to get caught up in the chaos of life that you end up not even being able to appreciate what you are creating in the moment. I'm thinking less of that is in order. #goodmemories #dreamscometrue #careergoals #preNick #tvlife #workingwoman #tvhost #executiveproducer #goals #inspiration @briansheehantv @lalalembo @jessieholeva @whitkneejill @alliegentile

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