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August 17, 2016

NINE MONTHS!!!!! Go me…go me…go, go..go me! My Mom blew up my spot during my 8-month update when she said I wasn't crawling yet so boy did I show her. The next day, off I went! I even know how to crawl up and down a step without hurting myself. I alternate between scuttling around on all fours and standing up holding onto anything I can. Sitting is soooo 3 months ago. But enough about my awesome crawling skills. Month 9 has been great! Now that I can get around on my own (and learned that the sand doesn't taste so good) the beach has taken on a whole new meaning! And my food has never tasted better. I thought that mush Mom was spoon-feeding me was awesome but that's before I started picking up and eating food on my own. Goodbye slop and hello bite-sized pieces of salmon, veggie burgers, meatballs, chicken, scrambled eggs, tofu, pineapples, you name it! I've fallen in love with peanut butter so Mom puts it on everything – in my yogurt, on toast…I've been trying to convince her to drop some in my bottles but she isn't quite understanding. Still working on the whole talking thing…I have a few words under my belt and am just starting to mimic words my Mom says (although she talks so damn much, it's hard to keep up). Ok, gotta go pack…I'm getting ready for a week-long vacay with my folks – just the 3 of us – and I even hear I'm going on my first boat ride! Ahoy! ️️ Until next month…. #momlife #babyboy #baby #nicholasjames

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