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July 22, 2016

My Dad grew up in a row home in Philadelphia, the son of Italian immigrants, and worked a job every day since he was basically in elementary school. He scraped pennies together during summers in his 20s so he could go down the shore for a weekend here or there with friends. He always says he wants to come back as his kids in his next life because we see and do more than he has ever dreamed. But that's really thanks to him and the way he raised us. He has done SO much for me and my sisters through the years, has made SO many sacrifices always so WE could have the best life possible. He taught us the value of hard work and of saving and spending at a very young age. He's a pretty simple guy but one of the coolest around and his cool factor just skyrocketed because Big Frank decided to go all out for his 70th birthday and buy a Bentley. It's about time he really spoiled himself the way he has been (responsibly) spoiling us our whole lives. He deserves it 100 percent! "It really didn't make any sense," he said, "but I got a really good deal and just felt like it was now or never." Now is a good time. #lovethisguy #ballout

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