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July 18, 2016

"So you're saying I shouldn't eat this bear? But it's my 8 month birthday so I should be allowed to do what I want! Well actually it's the day after my 8 month birthday but I'm a busy little man with a packed social calendar and there's only so much time to Instagram! Anyway….. 8 months! 8 awesome months! I have been having the best summer so far, hanging out on the Jersey Shore, in the Hamptons, and I even went to Cape Cod for a few days. I pretty much have the beach scene in the Northeast on lock. I'm not exactly crawling but doing something really close to it where I scoot around on my butt then my knees then my belly and I somehow make it from point A to point B. And for some reason my crib seems way lower. Can't figure that one out. Trippy kind of.But my favorite new trick? Grabbing on to something – a table, Mom's legs…you name it! – and pulling myself up to standing. I've had quite a few falls trying to master this but let's face it, it's been way harder on my Mom than me. I'm pretty much made of rubber so I get right back up and start again. Actually, That reminds me of an Aaliyah song my Mom has been singing. Anyway, summer is awesome and so is my life – especially since my Mom and Dad introduced me to Puffs. I mastered grabbing them immediately and only wish my Parents wouldn't feed them to me so slow. Just dump the whole damn can in my mouth please!!! Going to have to figure out how to say that in English because right now baby babble's all I got. Until next month, people…" #nicholasjames #baby #babyboy #momlife

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