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June 17, 2016

Seven months! Yes seven! Wow I'm big! And what a great last month it has been …. Ok let's start with the fact that I can finally talk! Yes that jabbering thing my folks do…I can do that now! Granted I can only say Dada, Mama and Aunt Dee Dee (that's my crazy Aunt who told me she would buy me a car on my 16th birthday if I said her name…I mean cmon what would YOU do? I give the people what they want.) I also went to the beach for the first time. That was really cool after my Dad finally got the tent set up. I was about to google some instructions for him because it wasn't looking good for awhile there. I went to my first No Shower Happy Hour down the shore with my entire family and that was INTENSE in the best way…if you like napping to an insanely good acoustic guitarist, which lucky for my folks, I do. Another first – first swimming lesson… First time in a pool actually! I was such a "natural" as my Mom says (but she's biased of course). Seriously though the other babies were crying their heads off and clinging to their Moms. Me? I was putting my face in the water, kicking, splashing, grabbing toys, jumping in, and the instructor even put me under the water – TWICE! It's like I'm part boy, part fish or something. I also went on my first ride on the Ocean City Boardwalk – first the train (lame) and next the carousel (less lame). I'm just wondering when it's time to hop on that roller coaster! Until next month, friends….. #nicholasjames #baby #babyboy #mom #momlife

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