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May 17, 2016

"Today is a big day in my life … I'm a half of a year old! 6 months, people! The last month has been awesome – I can sit up now and I have been eating all sorts of food…pears, bananas, butternut squash, avocado … Hoping to move on to surf and turf in the next week…with caviar close behind. Mom, take note. Let's be honest though, I Started out with more food on my face than in my tummy but now I see that spoon and it's right down the hatch. For real. I'm not messing around. Another highlight? I went on a road trip through New York State with my folks … Damn do those people like to talk! I think I logged something like 15 hours in the car with them over the course of 5 days, and holy hell if I had to listen to them sing along to one more song! The hike we took in the Catskills was pretty cool, but even cooler? Facing OUT in the carrier. I was missing so much staring at Mom's neck all these months. A baby can only look at so many freckles when there is a whole world to see!! But I'm totally forgetting such a life-changing new thing on my schedule … THE SWINGS!!!!!! Best time EVER. Never knew I could have so much fun. Lastly, I have been really digging the socks I've been wearing these last few months but now I have shoes…super fly hightops to be exact. Mom took me shopping and I'm even better dressed than I was before .. As if that was even possible? Watch out ladies, this 6-month-old stud muffin's coming for you!! Until next month…." #nicholasjames #baby #momlife

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