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March 17, 2016

"Now that I'm 4 months, there's a certain sophistication to me hence my serious look. Month 4 has been pretty rad. I've been sleeping in my crib all by myself these last few weeks, which is cool because let's face it, sometimes you just need your own space. I used to lie around like a sack of sugar but now I can do all sorts of things like roll over in the middle of the night on to my belly and scare my Mom half to death! It gets her to sleep on the couch because she's a worrier, and I like her close to me so it's a good trick. In addition to rolling nonstop, my face is kind of hurting from all the smiling I've been doing. Life is pretty awesome when you're me. I love being pushed around in my stroller – they've upgraded me to the toddler seat so it's a pretty sweet ride – and every day is a great day because I'm officially a child of God since my Baptism last week! My Mom and Dad made me wear this shiny white outfit and pose next to a cake that was almost bigger than me and the priest washed my hair but forgot to use shampoo so I don't know what that was all about. All in all I didn't mind because lots of family members came and brought presents. I'm all about presents. Dad put his foot down with the little white bonnet I was supposed to wear so I may be the first baby who didn't wear a hat to his christening but I don't care. Dad has my back – That guy's mad cool. I'm now 4 inches longer than I was when I was born and growing like a weed. Pretty soon mom is going to feed me real people food – and that moment can't come soon enough. The whole milk scene is getting old. Gotta run … Prepping for the Easter Bunny's arrival. Until next month …." #nicholasjames #baby #momlife #mom

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