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February 17, 2016

"Oh yeah! I'm 3 months old today and I've been spending most of my time lately just like this … Chewing on my Hands. Finally…Something to feast on other than milk! You try having the same damn thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and tell me how you like it. The past month has been pretty awesome – I went on my first airplane ride, I saw the great state of Florida, I rolled from my tummy to my back, I learned how to grab my toys instead of just staring at them (damn, was that frustrating), I started sleeping through the night (although I'm not letting Mom and Dad off that easy – still paying them a middle of the night visit every so often. I can't be too predictable), and I'm laughing alot and making tons of talking sounds. My Mom calls it 'baby talk' but I call it 'someone other than you should get to speak for once'. Oh I almost forgot – I also saw my first snowstorm which was cool. Not cool – being trapped inside with my two lunatic parents for 2 days. They're actually not so bad though I overheard them talking about moving me to my crib pretty soon. It's about time – I'm kind of done with the whole roommate thing. Until next month… #nicholasjames #baby #babyboy

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