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My summer must-have beauty product on Shecky’s!

August 17, 2012

When it comes to beauty products I have way more drug store favorites than high-priced items. Big thanks to Shecky’s for featuring me on their site along with my summer must-have beauty product. It’s a big honor to be featured along with experts from great outlets such as Betty Confidential, PopSugar and more.

Aveeno facial moisturizer is a GODSEND! About a year ago around the time I turned 30, I started seeing redness on my face – ALL THE TIME! I thought maybe I was getting 30-year-old rosacea (or having an allergic reaction to the big birthday). Aveeno calmed my skin down and I use it religiously – when I wake up, before bed and even at the beach (it has SPF 15 – added bonus!).  And it’s inexpensive and lasts forever – how much better can it get?  


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