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My New Toy

September 24, 2015

Today’s to-do list over my morning [decaf] coffee: Finish story I’m writing for + play with our new toy…a gift from Motorola – a baby monitor with Hubble wi-fi internet viewing. We’ll be able to watch this guy from anywhere in the world!

Now we have to figure out how to set it up and use it — luckily I found this video to explain more….SCORE!

The features are amazing — temperature control, portability, remote pan/tilt …. and my absolute favorite: being able to watch my little guy from anywhere (like if I’m out on a Saturday night with my girlfriends and my husband is on baby duty, of course!).  I have heard such wonderful things about this monitor, and we cannot wait to use it! I have spent SO SO much time trying to find baby products that make life easier and address as many parental and child needs as possible — and this one embodies that. I can’t stand how many products are out there that just aren’t user-friendly and don’t take into consideration what parents need. I don’t know exactly what we will need since this is our first time doing this, but I’m trying to guess! Stay tuned for more…..

[Thank you to my sister, Danielle Cascerceri, for the awesome iced coffee cup from Craftoholic Anonymous (a kick-ass small business owned by our friend, Lia Giambanco) + for thinking I’m a Hot Mama!]

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