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Out With the Old, In With the New

April 18, 2014


I just got a huge shipment from my favorite place — LULU’s (thank you so much to my Celebrity Corner stylist Jessie Holeva for coordinating!!) — and that meant I had to clean out my closet to make room for the new treasures. So I packed up 4 – yes 4! – big bags of clothes (my husband’s included) and took them over to Goodwill on E. 8th Street between Sixth and Fifth Aves.

Did you know even celebs donate to Goodwill? Even celebrities want to see their closet floors every now and then and find they need to take a little time like the rest of us to get rid of aging styles. Celebs are often in the public eye and have to keep a close watch on the latest in color and cut.

A number of celebrities give lovely, seldom-used items to charitable auctions or thrift stores like, a non-profit line of second-hand outlets known for their excellence in job creation and training as a result of public donations.

You may be asking – how do I get my hands on celebrity donations like that? Most Goodwill ® stores add more than 2,000 new items to the sales floor each and every day and while you can certainly find celebrity look-alike items in one of more than 2,700 stores in the United States and Canada, you can also shop online at for specialty and one-of-a-kind items where donations from celebrities and/or high-end brands can be found at a steal.

What’s your shopping personality? Take this quiz (below) to determine what type of shopper you are and get tips on how to declutter your closets and donate, donate, donate so others can enjoy your celebrity style!

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