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Prayers for Lamar

October 15, 2015

Everyone is asking me my thoughts about Lamar Odom so here goes:

He was found with cocaine in his system at a brothel in Nevada and now he’s suffered brain damage and is clinging to life, which is a horror I hope none of us ever experience. I always get heavy-hearted when these celeb stories hit the news because it’s a reminder that addiction is such an awful thing that destroys families and lives. Lamar was a troubled soul with demons…Demons that he could not shake… demons that wrecked his marriage and demons that have broken the hearts of everyone who loves him, including Khloe Kardashian. Say what you will about the Kardashians but it’s still sad to see a seemingly happy marriage collapse the way Khloe and Lamar’s did. Sending my prayers to his family and loved ones at this time and more importantly to ANYONE facing an addiction…praying that they somehow get the help and peace they need.

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