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January 17, 2016

Month 2 – nailed it! My second month here has been even more exciting than month 1. I have learned how to smile … And boy do I love smiling! My Dad and Mom are turning out to be OK even though they've spent most of the month watching some TV show about a guy named Steven Avery. Still can't figure out if he did it. Anyway, I took a road trip this month to my grandma's house in the Hamptons. I didn't see any celebs – I hear there are a lot of them out there from this show my mom likes .. Real Housewives of Orange County – but I did get a lot of awesome presents from Santa while there. Multicolored rings that hang from my stroller?! Score. The weather has gotten colder in month 2 but I'm going to my Pop-pop's house in Naples, Fl in one week to work on my tan. My Mom knows what's up. Until next month…. #nicholasjames #babyboy #baby #momlife

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