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October 20, 2016

"My Mom was so busy being on TV this week that she totally forgot to post my 11 month update! I see how it is. Anyway I am ONE month away from my first birthday and I'm such a big boy now! I have 6 teeth – 4 up, 2 down – which I brush, brush, brush 2xs a day. I can say so many new words – doggie is my fave – and I also know how to imitate an elephant. I'm only having 2 bottles a day now and a third dose of formula in my big boy cup. Mom is making me grow up so fast, next thing you know I'll be drinking real milk! I am getting so close to walking and thinking of buying mom a pair of roller skates so she can keep up when the time comes. The last month has been so much fun … Fall in New York City is pretty cool! I'm starting to wonder if that big stainless steel thing in the kitchen Mom and Dad call a stove even works because we spend most of our time at restaurants these days. Fine by me … especially when my parents feed me sesame chicken and let me taste their Nutella dessert! Until next month …" #momlife #babyboy #baby

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